Ghosface Killah slams Action Bronson: “Your fans, those are my fans”

Food loving rapper Action Bronson has both been praised and criticised for his apparent lyrical likeliness to Wu-Tang rapper Ghostface Killah. Having stated many times in the past that Ghostface is his favourite rapper and a major influence, the fine line between being inspired by, and copying someone’s tone and flow, is apparently easy to cross. The comparison goes so far that Ghostface actually once mistook a Bronson verse for his own: “I thought he was me one day… I said when the fuck I did that verse?” he told VladTV.

Sure, they’re fans of one another – but nobody likes a copycat.

In a new video posted by Ghostface himself, it’s clear that the straw has well and truly broken the camel’s back. We believe it’s probably in retaliation to Bronson’s recent comments at ESPN – when an interviewer joked that when he first heard his latest album Mr Wonderful he thought that Ghostface had new material out, Bronson replied saying that “He’s not rapping like this any more.” Shots fired!

Saying that it’s been a long time coming, the rapper relentlessly slams Action Bronson for using his name and sounding like him.

The six minute video calls him out. “I gave you a grace period,” he says. “First of all, you fat fuck, who gives you the right to even mention my name?”

Here’s some other choice quotes:

“You could never fuck with my pen – my sword, my blade. I’m too nasty for you.”

“Your fans, those are my fans… I’m not making this a black and white thing, I’m making this a Ghost, Action Bronson thing.”

“Just keep my name out your fucking mouth – this fat funky-ass n***a’s a fraud.”

“Don’t let me hang you from a rope and gut you like a pig, and leave you out to dry.”

Watch the whole thing here. Let’s be honest – much as I love AB, Tony Starks has got a point.

Action Bronson has since taken to Twitter to apologise. I wonder if his future releases will have an actively different sound or style now?

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