Gallu$ arrives in style with ‘Versatile/Apathetic’

It’s been a wicked 2015 for Brisbane label Bedlam Records. They’ve masterminded wildly successful releases and tours for bands like The Durries and Boss Moxi as well as the fantastic Live at Bedlam series featuring bands like The Murlocs. They’re also getting into the hip hop game, facilitating the drop of Versatile/Apathetic, the debut single from Brisbane-via-Sudan emcee, Gallu$

If that name is familiar to you, it’s because we also had the absolute flippin’ privilege of premiering the most fire Passion Pop in a parking lot music video of 2015 for Basic Bitch. And if the name isn’t familiar then I’m banking that it will be in the real near future, because holy heck, this is an auspicious as fuck debut.

With a flow he accurately describes as both ‘acidic’ and ‘sicker than a virus’, Gallu$ comes out the gate putting his critics and competitors alike on blast. The production by Thovobeats is smooth and deliciously jazzy, the intermingling keys and horns providing a laid-back coolness that juxtaposes perfectly with Gallu$’ brash lyrics, which are as clever as they are aggressive and delivered with the aplomb of a much more seasoned MC. My only qualm is that the experience lasts a mere two and a half minutes, I was fiending for more.

Versatile/Apathetic is a bold flag planted in a burgeoning hip hop scene featuring artists like Remi, Baro and Midas.Gold, but when it’s backed up by such a wonderful combination of slick production and raw talent, everyone best be on notice.

Jump on the Gallu$ bandwagon while there’s still seats.

Versatile/Apathetic is out now via Bedlam Records