Frontman Darren Seltmann leaves The Avalanches

It was the start of the twenty-first century, fifteen years ago, that The Avalanches released their latest original material – their debut album, Since I Left You. Aside from a few covers and remixes here and there, as well as a teased collaboration between them and Danny Brown, fans haven’t had any new info from the group in quite a while. That is until now, but the news isn’t exactly welcome.

Frontman Darren Seltmann has parted ways with the group. In actual fact, the news came early last year, as early as February, but hasn’t been properly reported on until now.

The news came originally in a Melbourne Herald Sun interview with Seltmann’s wife Sally, where she said plainly that “he’s not in the Avalanches any more.” “Nobody seems to pick up on that..”, she continued. Quite right, no one’s picked up on it for over a year now. The band’s label, Modular Records, also provided a statement, confirming Darren’s departure. “Yep Darren hasn’t been in the band for a while,” the rep told the Herald Sun. “So officially the band is Robbie Chater and Tony Di Blasi now.”

The loss of a member is nothing new for the group. In total, they’ve now lost seven members of the band, with this latest departure now bringing it down to a duo. That said, the Modular rep did confirm an album in the works, saying that it “sounds awesome.

Be on the edge of your seat for more info.