Eminem set to replace Eazy-E in NWA Reunion Tour

Last month, while promoting the Straight Outta Compton biopic, Ice Cube, DJ Yella and MC Ren put on special performance at the BET Experience. It was the group’s first performance together in 26 years. Now there is talk of a larger reunion tour, and even more interestingly, that Eminem is slated to fill-in for the late Eazy-E. For all those people that are outraged that Eazy-E is being replaced by Eminem, don’t be.


It’s not an insult to Eazy-E’s memory to have him replaced by Eminem, it’s a compliment. Having a very good rapper’s spot filled by the greatest rapper of all time is an honour to Eazy-E’s legacy. An insult would be having Eazy-E replaced by Chief Keef. That would be an insult. Saying that the only person worthy of taking Eazy-E’s spot, is a far more talented and influential rapper pays huge respect to the N.W.A founder. Having Eminem fill in for Eazy-E in a reunion tour is like having Leonardo DiCaprio play the lead role in the Chris Farley biopic (and given DiCaprio’s increased girth over the years this is becoming more and more a reality).


And to all the punters complaining about the addition of Eminem, you’ve just scored an extra performance by an inarguably exceptional artist, when they could have just as easily given you literally nothing. A hologram or a cassette tape. Now if only they could get someone to sub out MC Ren…