Eminem and Stephen Colbert is The Greatest Thing Ever

Of all the comedic pairings I could imagine, I must admit it would take me years until I landed upon Eminem and Stephen Colbert. In an interview sketch that is incredibly reminiscent of Zach Galifianakis and his “Between Two Ferns” series, Colbert does his best to crack the hardened demeanour of the Detroit rapper.

It is not often that we see celebrity megastars take to public access television to promote their wares, and it must have been quite a shock for Detroit natives to tune into the Only in Monroe special and be greeted with rap royalty. We have seen Eminem give a straight faced performance before, most notably his stellar scenes in the James Franco and Seth Rogen film The Interview, although this time we can see him visibly holding back the laughter and doing his best impression of a Kanye West “fake tough guy face”.

kanyeAs well as addressing his interviewee as Marshall Mathers the entire interview, forgoing the Eminem alias, Colbert is not afraid to ask the serious questions, “Are you more political, or are you more booty rhymes?” to which the stone faced response came “I’m more in the middle, like the crack”. The hopes of seriously promoting the upcoming film Southpaw, a gritty boxing drama in which Eminem has leant his musical touch, were dashed when adorable kittens in a boxing ring took the place of a promotional video.

We have got to hand it to Eminem, only he could seemingly make it through this interview without breaking character completely; he is still the hard man of the rap game.

Check out the special in its entirety here, (the interview starts at the 22 minute mark):

Southpaw is in cinemas July 24 courtesy of Dreamworks Pictures.