Dear Frank Ocean, you know July’s almost over… right?

The month of August looming very near indeed and it the most important thing about that right now is that it leaves the ever enigmatic Frank Ocean with fewer than ten days to make good on the vague #ALBUM3 #JULY2015 promise he made back in April. The follow up to the highly successful, highly acclaimed Channel Orange, has been three long years in the making, having been released what now feels like aeons ago (2012).

So, now that we’ve officially hit late-July, a lot of fans have found themselves wondering when on Earth this new album, and the magazine that’s set to accompany it (both presumed to be titled Boys Don’t Cry), is actually going to drop – if at all.


What we’ve known up until now is that between Memrise and invites to join him at the Abbey Road Studios, Frank Ocean has definitely been working on new music. Still, despite July being the month Boys Don’t Cry was set to be released, the only update out of the Frank Ocean camp for a while has been that there’s nothing new to report. Understandably, everyone’s a little bit distraught about the whole thing. If that seems sarcastic or insensitive, it isn’t meant to be. I too, have been watching July tick over, waiting, wondering, above all else, longing…