Chet Faker brings in a special guest for ‘1998’ remix

Chet Faker has re-released 1998 from Built On Glass, featuring a very special guest. Alluring songstress and one of the 2015 Laneway headliners Banks has lent her sultry vocals to the beard-loving Melbourne artist, and the result is a gorgeous new remix of the much-loved single.

Zane Lowe premiered the track on Apple’s lauded Beats 1 radio yesterday, and it has already made a great impression on fans everywhere. We can easily hear why. The track has the same sound as the original during the beginning of the song. The lyrics haven’t changed either. Faker sings out the first part in his folk-like, woeful voice until Banks storms in and steals the spotlight. Her beautiful voice compliments his perfectly, giving the song a smooth atmosphere alongside the original house medley. Their voices sound even better when they’re layered on top of each other.

If you haven’t heard, Faker is touring the country after releasing a track that was cut from Built On Glass in a few months. Hopefully Banks will come back for a tour soon as well, but we haven’t heard any new music from her in months, so we imagine (read: hope) that she’s busy working on new material first.

If you think you’re ready for this explosion of greatness, listen to the track below.