Big Scary’s New Single Is SO good

Big Scary have released a brand new single Organism, whist finishing up their upcoming album. Frontman Tom Iansek and Drummer Jo Syrne have been hard at work giving their new track a different sound to what we’re used to. This one included. The sax was a great choice to start the track, giving it a great build-up and groovy sound. Iansek’s vocals and Syrne’s percussion are perfectly on point as they layer themselves on top of the medley, gaining focus within the song.

“[The song is] moving back towards Jo and I as a band and the dynamic between us. It’s refocusing on the duo,” Iansek says. “With this has come a lot of stripping back of the non-essential, using less to create more. Using new and unfamiliar textures but keeping the performance firmly grounded in that of two people playing.”

“The simple parts slot in around each other with little rhythmic tricks to make this quirky, three-minute pop song,” Syrne chimes in.

As a popular producer, Iansek has been using this follow-up to 2013’s Not Art to work on some new sounds, techniques and ideals to add to his skill set. “More widely, I recognize now Big Scary as a chance to challenge where I am at artistically. I force myself to take stock of where I am as a songwriter and producer; where I see other music heading; and where I want to head.”

Big Scary are currently preparing for a tour of Europe and the US in September. Hopefully they add Australia to the mix soon.

Organism is available for purchase via iTunes.