Watch the 2015 NBA Draft Class Give a Dramatic Drizzy Reading

If you are in need of a Thursday pick me up, look no further. The NBA Draft has arrived at our doorstep yet again, and has brought with it the inevitable media circus, a frantic whirl of interviews, photoshoots and just bizarre marketing campaigns, none better than a dramatic reading of the 6 God himself, Drake. The Toronto native visited Australia for the first time earlier this year as the headlining act for the final ever Future Music Festival. Over the years, he has cemented himself among the mainstream and is riding a wave of success across the mainstays of the media, with exposure coming in all forms, most recently in his partnership with Apple and their Apple Music venture.

Drake is no stranger to the sporting world, from his share of ownership in the NBA franchise Toronto Raptors, to his name being casually slipped into a spelling bee question, so it is the obvious choice for his lyrics to serve as the centrepiece of the media festivities. A deadpan delivery of some of the most iconic Drizzy lyrics has provided and blessed (pun intended) us with one of the most hilarious videos I have seen this year.

Have you ever looked at some of your favourite lyrics, then said them out loud with no inflection or tone behind them? No killer beat accompanying those supposedly gangster words? The results can be downright cringeworthy and absolutely hilarious, and this is no exception. There is something awfully off-putting and creepy about watching a fully grown man stroking a basketball and reciting the lyrics; “She call me the referee, ’cause I be so official”. If that isn’t enough to send you into full blown hysterics perhaps the cringe inducing whispers of “Running through the six…with my woes” will push you over the edge.

Check out the full video here.