Watch Nas Perform With Run The Jewels

In what seems like a never ending tour schedule, Run The Jewels performed at Northside Festival in Brooklyn, NY last week. Being no strangers to a festival stage and quickly becoming one of the most talked about acts in the world right now (both artists being extremely politically active and outspoken to racial injustice in the US), it seems that RTJ felt like they needed to shake things up a little this time around.

Calling on New York native, Killer Mike and El-P brought up none other than Nas to perform his track Made You Look to a raucous crowd. It’s hard to tell who is having more fun between Run The Jewels, Nas or even the crowd with the three artists throwing it down and the audience lapping it right up. What can be told is that this would have been one almighty performance to witness.

Run The Jewels will continue to perform across America until around October. Whilst traipsing across their country, they are also working on the cat themed re-release of their album titled Meow The Jewels, as well as continuing to push the envelope with regards to American race relations. Killer Mike especially remains as vocal as ever in the incredibly and increasingly tense political climate, even just last week announcing he’d be running for the state senate in Atlanta, Georgia. The duo are frontrunners in their critically acclaimed albums, their unrivalled passion in the face of adversity and their ability to not only condemn what is happening but provide strategies and solutions for change. It only makes sense that the pair are now finally running and performing with artists in the big leagues like Nas, who’s legacy has so clearly influenced the pair.

Check the fan-filmed clip below, and cross your fingers and toes that these guys return to Australian shores sooner rather than later! Also, read our interview with Run The Jewels here.