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Watch Kendrick Lamar’s Full Hot 97 Summer Jam 2015 Performance

Because there is no such thing as an exclusive anymore, footage from Hot 97‘s Summer Jam has now surfaced online for all those that don’t have Tidal, which until very recently had the exclusive streaming rights. But, you know, the Internet exists, and now some legend has ripped the whole performance by Kendrick Lamar for the rest of us to feast our eyes on.

With a great cross section of his last two albums (sadly no Section 80), K Dot served up straight fire for 34 minutes and 14 seconds. What’s really interesting is that up until now, the only track Kendrick had been performing from his (is it too early to say) classic album To Pimp A Butterfly was Alright, but that is certainly not the case with this set. Not only did he perform Alright, he also performed Blacker The BerryHood Politics and King Kunta. Also, ScHoolboy Q shows up midway for Collard Greens, which is such a goddamn jam, as well as Studio. Let it just be known that if I was at this show, I may have legitimately died at this point.

Kendrick is so fucking angry in this performance, and makes for one hell of a show. Now, please join me in praying to whatever gods will hear us to make Kendrick Lamar return to Australia. PLEASE. He last visited us in a support slow for Eminem back in early 2014, and although he’s heavily touring the international festival circuit, there’s no current news that hints at a local tour. Fingers crossed!