Toro Y Moi drops surprise new song

Last week, not even two months after the release of his latest album, What For?Toro Y Moi dropped a new song and accompanying video.

Titled room for 1zone, there are some stark differences between this song and anything else real name Chaz Bundick has laid his hands on. Gone are the chilled beats, the funky rhythms or the undeniable grooves. In their place are some pretty huge trap beats, edgier synths and muffled, warped vocals. Quite a rapid change in sound considering the time between his releases, but one that has certainly sparked a lot of interest and intrigue since it was released. The track raises more questions than it answers, leaving fans and critics alike unsure of just what Chaz is getting at here.

The accompanying video does little to answer such questions, and features amateur footage of a crotch grabbing man in front of the Prada Marfa art installation in Texas, interspersed with what looks like footage of driving through a tunnel. Weird, slightly confusing but still pretty fun, we can’t wait to see the meaning behind this latest track unfold – if it ever does – and what it means for future Toro Y Moi releases. All we know now, is that Chaz Bundick is definitely up to something.

Take a look below: