The Internet Get Trippy and Loved Up With ‘Girl’

Words by Luke Bodley.

The InternetOdd Future-offshoot , return with the beautiful new single, Girl. This time teaming up with super-producer Kaytranada, the whole thing bleeds sensuality, in this oblique, understated way.

It all begins with this thin guitar riff and a sharp, on-centre kick. Kaytranada masterfully layers sultry synths into rich underlays for Syd Tha Kid’s voice; her words slip down Kaytranada’s sonic slides effortlessly. It is a perfect combination, a Gandalf-level musical wizard bending sound into bulbs, for a songstress to walk on with her vocal weightlessness. The result is that lines like, “We don’t fight, we just fuck”, feel cleaner than a bucket of gumption, and requests like “Tell them I’m your girl” are met with my complete compliance. Yes, I will be your girl (even though I’m a boy).

The group not only released Girl earlier this week, but some accompanying visuals as well, featuring galaxies, sprawling meadows and some pretty trippy sky shots. Keeping with the grooves and intimacy of lead single Special Affair released earlier this month, Girl is lightly more R&B styled than it’s predecessor, but genres and labels are clearly not something The Internet are too concerned with. Instead, they move seamlessly through a multitude of styles, drawing on an obvious vast variety of influences to create something very much their own.

Girl comes just days before the group’s third album, Ego Death is set to drop on June 30. Set to feature the likes of Tyler, The CreatorVic Mensa and Janelle Monae, this could be their biggest and best album yet. Until then though, this track is more than okay!