FILE - In this June 18, 2009, file photo Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek is seen in Stockholm, Sweden.  Spotify's Swedish CEO has voiced disappointment that Taylor Swift pulled her music off the popular music streaming service, denying claims it's making money "on the backs of artists." (AP Photo/TT/Janerik Henriksson)  SWEDEN OUT

Spotify CEO tweets response to Apple Music

It must have been a rough few days for Spotify CEO Daniel Ek. His global stranglehold on the streaming industry has come under spectacular threat from Apple, and its new streaming service Apple Music which is likely to make a sizeable dent in Spotify’s market share. Already shaping up to be a serious competitor – certainly moreso than Jay-Z’s TIDAL, we’re pretty interested in seeing what the service will be like for the user.

Perhaps lost for words due to the anger, fear or apathy (unlikely), Daniel Ek sent out this tweet:


The tweet has since been deleted, but not before many avid followers grabbed a screenshot of the hilariously short comment.

Some have suggested it was in response to a potential dig at Spotify from Apple Music, which showed Taylor Swift at the top of Apple Music’s video charts – demonstrating that unlike Spotify, Apple Music will host the biggest pop star on the planet. Others have suggested that this is all looking way too far into a four-character tweet, and that he was just being funny in his acknowledgement of his serious new competition.

Spotify might retaliate with new features or some kind of competitive advantage, but considering they’ve just upped their playlists, welcomed video content and more, we’re not sure what will come next. Either way, may the best streamers win!