Rüfüs has released an awesome new track

Rüfüs have premiered a brand new track! You Were Right, the first single off their upcoming sophomore album. The song is gorgeous, combining the vocals and electronic soundscape that Rüfüs are so known for with some awesome synths.

Rüfüs slammed themselves onto the music scene with their debut album Atlas in 2013, and since then have become one of the biggest names in Australian electronica. Recently they’ve been recording in Berlin, taking influence from it’s live music and DJs.

We found ourselves at the end of a string of touring in Europe and decided to stay there – in Berlin – for two months at the end of last year,” they explained.

The band set up a studio in an apartment in Friedrichshain, an area known for it’s clubs, and spent the winter soaking up the music scene and working on their new album. The European influence is tangible in You Were Right, with a soundscape that is reminiscent of their old sound but also incorporates the chilly textures of Berlin. The track has a maturity and complexity to it, we can only wait in anticipation as they complete the rest of the album.