Ratatat Release Another New Track From ‘Magnifique’

As the July 17 release date for their fourth studio LP Magnifique comes closer, Ratatat are wasting no time at all keeping our excitement and anticipation levels at an all time high. From their at-the-time mysterious Intro to lead single (and the song that is constantly stuck in my head) Cream on Chrome, the two instrumental wizards return once again with their new single, Abrasive.

Incredibly dense and complex, the duo weave absolute musical magic in this track. At times reaching over 30 layered guitar parts in their harmonies, the impossibly smooth – actually the opposite of the title – track is slightly more chilled out than it’s predecessor, but nevertheless as upbeat and dance-inducing.

A dense video for a dense song it also seems, with the duo’s own E.VAX (Evan Mast) stepping up for the visuals. The animated clip is made of 4000 hand-drawn illustrations of people dancing, including Ratatat themselves. It’s warm and happy, like a celebration of the moves and shapes you would probably see pulled at a Ratatat concert (I know I have).

Said to be a return “to their core guitar-driven sound”, the duo also said in an interview with SPIN,“Because it’s instrumental music, you can’t just be half-assed with the music and then like, ‘Oh someone will sing on this.'” If these past releases are anything at all to go by, I would hazard a guess that we are in for something very special. Recorded in New York City, Long Island, Brooklyn and even Jamaica, the duo have spent five long years on this album, and it sounds like the wait has definitely been worth it.

Magnifique will be released on Friday July 17th via XL RecordingsRemote Control Records.