Raleigh Ritchie in East London by Tom Oldham

Raleigh Ritchie debuts Sounwave produced track

Grey Worm is just so damn talented. Raleigh Ritchie, perhaps more widely known as Jacob Anderson, the British actor who portrays the character Grey Worm on the smash hit television series Game of Thrones, has just released a new single, Never Say Die, in the lead up to his debut album release.

The track is a heartfelt insight into an individual out on the road, travelling and constantly hopping between countries, never forming solid connections. Voicing his inspiration behind the track, Ritchie states that, “I guess the song explores the idea that even the most fast living people hit a roadblock at some point, and actually those people are more vulnerable to self-destruction. You can spread yourself out too thinly until there’s not much left of you. I was one of those people for a time and I guess I just wanted to talk about it, try and find a way to make peace with it.”

On a recent trip to America, the British actor/singer met with acclaimed Top Dawg Entertainment producer Sounwave, who has most recently featured heavily behind the scenes of Kendrick Lamar‘s acclaimed 2015 release To Pimp a ButterflyThe TDE influence is very apparent, the beat of the track maintains a trap inspired vibe whilst staying rooted in a heartfelt and sombre tone. Speaking on his relationship with Sounwave, Raleigh states, “We just work really fluently together, he’s one of my favourite people to write with. He’s got a real ear for detail in his production but also a real openness to the way he approaches a song.”

If that wasn’t enough to get you hyped, Ritchie also details the further work that these two have done, “One of my favourite songs on the album is another one we did. I’m looking forward to people hearing that too”.

When he isn’t slaying people in Westeros, Raleigh Ritchie is working on slaying the rap game, and he is doing a mighty fine job so far.