Midas.Gold x Blair screenshot

PREMIERE: Midas.Gold x Blair ‘Syrup’ (Prod. Stwo)

It cannot just be that is feeling this shift in the hip hop coming out of Australia right now. Gone are the days where heavyweights like Hilltop Hoods and 360 impersonators dominated the airwaves, and a new era is slowly gaining traction. Of course, those acts have their place, but there is a different moment that is steadily getting under way.

The movement of considered lyrics, left field beats and collaborations showcasing each act as opposed to trying to eclipse them is one that I am very excited to watch get under way, with the boundaries between rap and electronic becoming more blurred than ever before. Taking inspiration from our northern counterparts in the US and the UK, with figureheads like Baro or other local heroes like Ivan Ooze, or Astro Travellers doing their best to change the stigma. It’s not Aussie hip hop, it’s now just hip hop that happens to be from Australia.

Two of the more exciting acts involved in this movement are Midas.Gold and Blair. Blair hasn’t even played a gig yet, and his first track was played over 4000 times in just a few weeks, and Midas.Gold possesses one of the most unique voices and flows I’ve heard in a long time. He also supported Ghostface Killah so… you know…

The pair have teamed up on the track Syrup, a track that showcases the serious talent in both of them. Blair rises to the challenge of being on a track with Midas, and they both don’t hold back as they kill it on their verses. In fact, we loved the track so much we are lucky enough to have the first look at the accompanying visuals! Teaming up with local creative Brayden Doig behind the camera, the relatively simplistic clip is tripped out and let’s the song do the talking. It’s also available for free download, which is a very good thing considering how easily it will get stuck in your head. Take a look below!