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PREMIERE: Gallu$ Feat. Term T ‘Basic Bitch’ (Official Video)

Any song that has the lyrics “I bet that I’d look good in a Lamborghini” delivered whilst sitting on a Mitsubishi Magna and drinking Passion Pop in a brown paper bag alright by me. More than alright. In fact, I enjoyed this song so much I had to lock down the first look ever at the clip.

That’s right! Today we are so excited to bring to you the premiere of Basic Bitch, a collaborative track between two of Brisbane’s next up-and-comers. Gallu$ and Term T turn the fuck up in this track, which is a whole heap of fun – even if some lyrics can be a little brutal.

The duo bounce off each other seamlessly, like they’ve been doing this since forever. The Lincoln States produced track is heavy on the bass, trap oriented and fit both rappers’ styles perfectly. Whilst Gallu$ goes in with lines like “No brains but a big butt/ That’s ass over wisdom”, Term T keeps it real, casually big noting himself and delivering the fiery hook.

Take my advice and keep your eyes firmly locked on these two, I am predicting even bigger things to come!