Old people get down and boogie at Bonnaroo

When you think of festivals what comes to mind? Big crowds, sunshine, drugs and booze… Not exactly an elderly person’s paradise. But four Americans; Neil, Anne, Isolde and Denny, decided to break the stereotype that old people can’t boogie by attending Bonnaroo.

The friends were filmed by Funny or Die, and were treated to a rather VIP version of the festival, which hosts about 80 000 people every year. They got to chat with bands such as Mumford and Sons, who called up their grandkids to tell them that they were wasted! Enjoying backstage seats to all of the performances, the crew also walked around the camping areas, even receiving a gold sticker tattoo. Judging by the video it looks like they had a fabulous time, particularly at the silent disco, which they were able to skip the line to.

Cameras followed them for the entire day, as they ate dinner with Houndmouth, rode the ferris wheel and spoke to various bands such as Rubblebucket. They were even able to get up on stage for certain acts, and watched Kendrick Lamar from the soundboard above him.

It’s comforting to know that the yolo life doesn’t necessarily have to end when you reach seventy. I know I’ll certainly want to continue partying and going to festivals until I can physically no longer dance. Like this amazing man at an electronic music festival in Amsterdam!

Check out the Funny or Die clip below.