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Listen to Ngaiire’s new track ‘Once’

Her incredible collaborations with Sydneysider Kilter have left us scrambling for more, and finally the Papua New Guinean-born Ngaiire has given us all something to tide over the hunger.

Her new single Once is an exotic and vibrant display of the young artist’s sultry and dynamic singing abilities, combining her echoing vocals with an understated beat, before culminating in a soft, melancholic refrain.It’s a song about taking risks that turn into revelations; an ecncompassing tale of her life thus far.

Co-written by acclaimed Australian artists Megan Washington and Paul Mac, Ngaiire’s musical chops get the full workout they need to maximise her allure on this track.

Once is the first single from Ngaiire’s sophomore album Blastoma, her first offering since her debut Lamentations. With a colourful past that includes moving from PNG to New Zealand to Australia, a stint at the Conservatorium of Music and on Australian idol, Ngaiire is coming into her own as an incredible singer and performer.

Hell, she’s even done shows at Glastonbury with Alicia Keys and John Legend and created crazy sound installations for David Walsh’s MONA FOMA. So needless to say, she’s one to watch.

You can catch her Once Launch Party on Thursday 6 August at the Newtown Social Club. Buy tickets here.

Check out Once below: