Lil B talks The Based God Curse on ESPN’s SportsNation

If you know anything about rapper Lil B, it’s pretty likely that you know that he curses people. If you didn’t know that, get ready for an entertaining read.

Lil B is a strange guy. Referring to himself as “The Based God”, fans give thanks to him and his powers. However, he is quick to turn on people should they do wrong by him, which brings us to now. As the story goes, after basketball player Kevin Durant dissed the rapper on Twitter a few years ago and called him “wack”, Lil B fired back and said that he was cursed: ‘KEVIN DURANT WILL NEVER WIN THE TITLE AFTER HE SAID “LIL B” IS A WACK RAPPER, #THEBASEDGODSCURSE”. The only way Durant could break the curse was to verse Lil B in one on one basketball, but since this has never happened, the curse apparently still stands.



Naturally, a curse wasn’t enough, and Lil B also served up this:

Now, we can’t be sure if curses actually do exist, but tn the heat of the NBA finals, Lil B made an appearance on ESPN‘s SportsNation to highlight a few “coincidences” between Durant’s performance on the court, and the timing of the curse. He also revealed that there were a few others he had cursed, and cleared the air a bit. See, The Based God is a merciful God, and is understanding to circumstances that may affect one’s actions, which is why fellow basketball player James Harden is not cursed, even though he did offend the almighty Lil B. Wearing a sunhat, earrings and a blouse, the rapper openly discussed his curses with the three anchors. Check the video below, it’s some amazing watching.