AUSTIN, TX - NOVEMBER 07:  El-P (L) and Killer Mike of Run the Jewels perform during the Fun Fun Fun Festival at Auditorium Shores on November 7, 2014 in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

Killer Mike Offers Thoughts On The Confederate Flag

There is no secret of the racial unrest in the United States at present, that has only been exacerbated by the horrific events in South Carolina over the past week. Killer Mike has never been afraid to voice his opinion on race relations, and has proven himself as a politically intelligent individual, most notably in his recent announcement of challenging for State Representative in the state of Georgia. The recent horrors of Charleston have yet again demonstrated the underlying issues with American gun control and regulation, as well as the racial divide which has gripped the nation.

The existence of the Confederate Flag has ignited yet another debate in social and political circles, with many companies such as Walmart taking action and ceasing the sale of any item branded with the controversial logo. The flag itself represents a rich history and an arguably dated political ideology, and encapsulates many of the views and opinions that have caused such a divide between races in America. Georgia is a southern state itself, no stranger to political and racial tension, so Killer Mike has seen first hand the exposure that such a symbol has been given within his surroundings;

My opinion on the Confederate flag is quite simple and clear. I have no problem with Southerners who consider that a part of their heritage flying it privately in their homes or [wearing it] on their shirts or jackets…But I do not think it should ever fly over a state, city, county building, or school, for the simple reason that it represents secession from the Union. It represented a part of the country trying to become a separate country from America. That side lost, and you do not fly the flags of losers over the winners’ country. It’s just that simple. There’s no way around that.”

Killer Mike understands that there is always going to be place for this flag in the hearts and homes of many, but that is where it should stay. There is no need to push this political ideology and history in the face of many who have fought to see change within America.

Political commentary has always been ingrained in hip-hop, and it is no surprise that Killer Mike has continued to use his mainstream stature and exposure to shine a light on issues that may otherwise remained untouched in the music industry. Run the Jewels has continued to push their own political agenda within their music, visual mediums included,  which has only served to be a refreshing use of stature.