Watch I’lls’ New Film Clip For ‘Let Me Have Just One’

Melbourne trio I’lls are on the come-up, and for good reason. Their unique style of sparse but intense soundscapes, unpredictable beats, lyrics to cut to the core of you and Simon Lam‘s gentle falsetto make for some seriously fine tunes which they consistently build on and outdo themselves with in each release.

I’lls’ latest track Let Me Have Just One dropped last month, getting quite a bit of Internet love for the three boys. It even ended up in our weekly playlist, where I myself described the track as “Intricate, meticulous and just plain stunning.” I didn’t think it could get much better than that, until I saw their accompanying visuals.

Produced by Sangkhara (who is actually one third of the band, Hamish Mitchell), the clip is a visual feast of warped footage of the band. Mitchell said of the clip, “The aim was to distort and misconstrue the footage whilst keeping the warped figure of Simon Lam the focal point. Originally shot on VHS, it was further processed through a video synth, bounced through mirrors, re-projected on fabric and recaptured through water”. The end results are something to be marvelled at. See for yourself below:

Let Me Have Just One is taken from I’lls’ forthcoming EP Can I Go With You To Go Back To My Country out July 6 by Solitaire Records.