Hockey Dad release new video, dominate US college radio

I dare say few Americans could locate the coastal town of Wollongong on a map, but it seems they’ve taken a liking to one of the region’s best young bands.

Since releasing their debut EP, Dreamin’, last year, surf-rock duo Hockey Dad have been garnering fans across the country and, indeed, the world, with news that US college radio stations have been playing the EP to immensely favourable reviews. The lads have reportedly charted consistently in the top 20 at a number of core stations, joining the likes of Courtney Barnett amid the ranks of popular Australian acts.

This is huge news for a band who continue to improve; their current single Can’t Have Them – the video for which was released earlier this week – is testament to that. The clip sees frontman Billy Fleming and drummer Zach Stephenson rocking out in a world of erratic movement and colour. It’s a fun, rather charming reflection of what this duo from the ‘leisure coast’ are all about.