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Happy Birthday Yeezy! Kim’s Slam Dunk Gift

When it is your significant others birthday, most people would settle for a piece of jewellery and a nice dinner. But, in an act of love and generosity that is only befitting of the Kimye duo, Kim Kardashian rented out the Staples Centre so that hubby Kanye West could play ball with some NBA Players on his 38th birthday.

Twitter has been rife with images from the extravagant gathering, displaying Kanye surrounded by players including Russell Westbrook and John Wall, all wearing a jersey sporting his name. The story of course wouldn’t be complete without the presence of fellow narcissist Justin Bieber and his infamous abs. If that’s not enough, we should also mention that John Legend sang the national anthem and NBA greats including Shaquille O’Neille and Magic Johnson made videos that played on the jumbotron. The day is said to have cost $110,000.

In other KimYe news, the pair have just announced that they’re giving birth to a second child, a sibling for their daughter North West. As Kanye rapped in his verse on A$AP Rocky’s recent album At. Long. Last. A$AP (which we reviewed here) – “I’ve got one child, one child.. but i’m fuckin’ fuckin’ fuckin’ like I”m tryna make four more.” Furthermore, the couple are reportedly in talks to create a movie about their lives. While we are admittedly having trouble actually believing this story, it nevertheless sounds like a movie we would definitely watch multiple times.

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All this comes after Kim took to twitter yesterday with an endearing post about her husband and baby daddy declaring him her best friend and signing off with the #SWISH that seems to be West’s buzz word of the moment.

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Love them or hate them, nobody does celebrity coupledom quite like this pair.