Flume meets Notorious B.I.G in a Super Sweet Mash-Up!

Chicago-based mash-up extraordinaires The Hood Internet are at it again and have just released a super sweet new track. Sure, not all mash-ups work, but this feels like it was a match made in heaven, and we are so happy to have stumbled upon it.

Since 2007, the pair have made their mark on the music world by bringing together unlikely pairings of indie and hip hop tracks with infectious and downright exceptional results. The latest offering sees Flume’s new track Some Minds and Notorious B.I.G’s hit Big Poppa smushed together in a seamless production.

Yeah, it’s really good.

If you aren’t familiar with The Hood Internet, you can check out some more of their tracks here. Be warned! They are addictive.

In related news, Sydney’s wunderkind Flume has released some new music of his own recently. It’s good, but if we’re being honest, we didn’t think it was THAT great.

Also, if you really like the sound of Biggie in a mash-up, check out this incredible multi-track release that’s entirely a mash-up of biggie with FKA Twigs!