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Eminem is Zane Lowe’s first guest on Apple’s Beats 1 Radio

On June 30th, Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio will launch with a start-studded line up. Former BBC Radio 1 host Zane Lowe is touted to have his own show on Beats 1, with Eminem as his very special first guest.

Eminem has previously given Lowe one of the most cringe-worthy interviews I have ever seen. It was in 2014, after the release of the Marshal Mathers LP 2. So the thought of reliving this makes me grind my teeth and sweat profusely. It’s a fundamental law of the universe that old people are lame and now that Eminem is old he is no exception.

As per usual, Lowe is a journalist unafraid to ask the soft-hitting questions and completely kiss ass. With nary an insightful or critical thought, Lowe phrases every question as a compliment “it must have been nice actually to just sit down and carve it up, and have that end result in mind?” Or the completely asinine, haven’t you ever wanted to know if Eminem enjoys making music? This is one to avoid.

By the way, Zane has done really really great interviews with Rick Rubin and Kanye West which really are worth checking out, so lt’s hope that they’ll be featuring on the new radio show when it launches.