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Watch a woman perform Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ – in sign language

In an impressive display of physical dexterity, a deaf woman has performed classic Eminem track Lose Yourself in its entirety. Oh, and she did so in ASL (American Sign Language.)

Shelby Mitchusson is an experienced sign language interpreter. She recorded the video of herself standing against a blank wall, performing the lyrics of the Oscar award-winning hit from 8 Mile, with the song playing in the background.

Watching those fluent in sign language communicate is astounding in any normal situation. So when they’re rapping, it’s something pretty amazing. Mitchusson’s body seems animated, as she uses nothing but her movements to interpret the song. In a way, she gives a sense of physicality to an otherwise purely abstract and auditory medium.

The particularly unique cover of the classic Eminem track has been online since September. It didn’t get much traction however, until it recently started picking up momentum on Reddit. It’s now got more than three million views on Youtube. 

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Mitchusson wrote in a YouTube comment,”I have a deep love for interpreting music and would love to share more as I am always interpreting music.”

The video was uploaded last year as part of an interpreter job application submitted to Austin City Limits (obviously she got the gig). Mitchusson took advantage of the success of her video not to promote herself, but rather her work. She wrote on her Facebook page:

I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has shared my video and thank you for taking the time to watch it. I have to say, I did not upload it for entertainment purposes. Actually it was my interpreter application submission video to work with an amazing interpreting team at Austin City Limits 2014. I got the gig and still my heart flutters with how well our team worked together equally and the fact that finally these companies are opening their eyes to the true hidden gem talent of Deaf performers & Deaf people signing music– which we NEED to see more of!

She also promised on her Youtube channel to upload more of her interpretive videos in the near future.

Check her out below absolutely killing it.

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– Written with Jack Boronvskis