Elizabeth Rose’s new single promotes gay marriage

With Ireland legalising gay marriage, and Shorten and Abbott squaring off in Parliament, Australia’s musicians are also gearing up for the fight for marriage equality.

Sydney’s Elizabeth Rose has just released her new aptly named single Division to throw her weight behind the cause.

“Australia is tipped as the ‘lucky’ country, but reflecting upon what we stand for, I’m not sure that we are all that we’re cracked up to be. Our peers fall victim to acts of discrimination and are denied the right to equality. For a country that boasts of multi-culturalism and acceptance, why aren’t we accepting of this?” she said.

Musicians have always been some of the most vocal spokespeople in Australia in the past, with bands such as The Presets rightly stirring the pot with vocal opinions on asylum seekers and the Bali 9.

While Elizabeth Rose’s new song may not be a polished masterpiece, it is a compelling song with an important message. For the next two weeks it will be available for download on a pay what you choose basis – with all the proceeds going to the Australian Marriage Equality campaign.

You can head here to buy the single.