Eekkoo & Flowers + Sea Creatures = stunning

Canadian producer Eekkoo has been on my radar for some time, and the more I hear, the more I like. While some of his tracks are fairly abrasive (in a good way), he’s got a soft spot for these gorgeous, progressive house melodies. It really shines through on his new track 4th Bell, a collaboration with fellow Canadians Flowers And Sea Creatures.

I’m a big fan of indie music blended with electronica, and this is precisely what I look for within that crossover.

The vocals are the real highlight for me here. Delicate and breathless, with a very familiar Thom Yorke air to them, they soar above the bleeps, the bloops and the basic house rhythm. The tonal colours are simply stunning; they take this track from “it’s okay” to, “wow, I need to listen to that again.”

The track is out now via Natura Sonoris. You can purchase it here, alongside two remixes from Henry Saiz.