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Dave Grohl Breaks Leg During Foo Fighters’ Performance; Continues to Play

Dave Grohl is a committed performer, and he isn’t just going to let something as unimportant as a broken leg stop him from doing just that.

The Foo Fighters frontman fell off the stage while performing during the Gothenburg leg of their tour. Two songs into the performance at Ullevi stadium, Grohl, apparently misjudging the distance he needed to jump onto a ramp, fell into the security pit.

“I think I just broke my leg,” announces Grohl in a fan video, ever cheerful despite the extraordinary amount of pain he must be in. “I think I really broke my leg!”

Despite his predicament, Grohl promises to return from hospital as quickly as he can. He then hands over the show to drummer Taylor Hawkins, who led band in Grohl’s absence while he was being carted off to hospital.

About an hour thereafter, Grohl returns to stage on a stretcher with a cast on his leg the assistance of two medics. He’s set down on a chair, before he proceeds to continue with the show for another two hours.

After the events of the day, the Foo Fighters tweeted this pic of Grohl’s leg:

The injury has forced the band to cancel their June 14 appearance at the Pinkpop Festival (where this man managed to perform this astounding feat), as well as their show at the AFG Arena in St. Gallen, Switzerland on June 16th.