7-year-old Breaks Guinness High-Five Record at Bonnaroo

While over the weekend we’ve all been suffering some serious FOMO over America’s Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, it’s one particular little boy that definitely had the most easily envied, good-vibed and enjoyable time at the festival.

7-year-old Squish broke the Guinness World Record for most high fives in five hours at the festival, which is almost twice as old as he is. Previously held by Ram Kadam and V Generation in India in 2012 with 2,181 high fives, Squish has now taken it with his own record of 2,392, all given on the Friday of the festival weekend.

The record was set up alongside the festival, with Squish standing on a pedestal so that each high five would be overhead as the rules require, as the two thousand people lined up to help him do it in a quick and organized fashion. All on World High-Five Day as well.

It’s not the first time Squish has been a big part of Bonnaroo life. He and his mum have documented their Bonnaroo journey for a number of years. For the 2013 leg of the festival, Squish promised he would shave his mother’s head on stage in exchange for festival organisers adding Norwegian artist Bernhoft to the bill – which they succeeded in doing. They also jumped around on stage with Haim that very same year.

Hopefully Australian festivals jump on board with this kind of fan involvement. Hey Splendour organisers, what’s it gonna take for someone to get on stage?