Weekly Playlist!

It’s a bit of an eclectic mix this week, with heavy helping of dance music of course! From the modern take on 70’s disco of Kaytranada remixing Tuxedo, the intricate, unpredictable vibes of Hopium, the summery feels of Patrick James or some fresh, new techno from Stephane 1993 – you know we got you covered!

1. Tuxedo – The Right Time (Kaytranada remix ft. BADBADNOTGOOD)

These three are a total match made in heaven. Tuxedo’s 70’s/Studio 64 era tunes combined with the modern touch of Kaytranada and the live drums of BADBADNOTGOOD? Yes please! Somehow managing to throwback whilst still being futuristic, Kaytranada once again proves he is THE man!

2. Nocturnal Sunshine – Believe ft. Chelou

British/Japanese producer Nocturnal Sunshine (also known as Maya Jane Coles) has released her second single for this current alter ego. Immediately reminiscent of Seekae, the glitchy, swaggering track features the relaxed but emotive vocals of Chelou, and evokes a hell of a lot imagery with it’s powerful lyrics, and expertly pulled off production.

3. Angie – Out of Age

Garage rock will always have a special spot in my heart, and it’s songs like Out of Age that remind me why. Also playing in bands like Circle Pit and Straight Arrows, Angie (Angela Garrick) is up there as one of my favourite ladies in the Aus music scene. Her own description of the track is “a power pop tribute”, and whilst I’m not sure about that “pop” word hanging around in there, it certainly is powerful!

4. Hopium – Right Now

Melbourne duo Hopium have just dropped this new track, and it is one of the more intriguing tunes I’ve heard in quite a while. Combining R&B stylings in the vocals and lyrics, harmonies and echoes, as well as some very intricate, slick, unsuspecting production, the pair have made Right Now an artistic offering that separates them from the pack.

5. Patrick James – California Song

I’m not normally one for this kind of alt-folk/pop, but there is something so easy, breezy, and colourful about this track, I just couldn’t say no. The driving beat and fun, relaxed guitar combined with James’ undeniable vocals has lulled me into a summer haze, right when it’s getting cold and awful. Summer’s here for a little while longer with California Song!

6. Seven Davis JrSunday Morning

Ninja Tune legend Seven Davis Jr is dropping a new album titled Universes on July 24. Sunday Morning is the first taste of this album – and what a taste it is! You’ve gotta be pretty good to have the likes of Four Tet or Mos Def raving about you, and that’s what this track proves. Making me wanting seize the time in question with the track title (instead of laying in bed until the morning has well and truly passed), this “intergalactic soul” number has elements of hip hop, house, soul and funk all thrown together with some future sounds chucked in for good measure. In other words, a total dream.

7. Cassian – Takeover

One of my absolute favourite Aussie acts right now, and has been for a really long time, is Cassian. Since signing to Sweat It Out! Music, it’s been all systems go for the house-pop maestro, and his latest song Takeover is simply another exercise in showing just how good he is. An immediately feel-good track, the crisp house beat and chopped vocal samples work wonders here, just before things really take off into a place I only seem to visit when listening to Cassian.

8. Elizabeth Rose – Another Earth (HWLS remix)

Elizabeth Rose’s Chrome Sparks collab is one of my favourite tracks of this year (we actually featured it in a previous playlist), so for it to be remixed by the likes of HWLS is a very good thing indeed. HWLS is, of course, a joint project by Ta-Ku and Kit Pop, so you can probably understand my excitement. The result is a chilled out trap number that is actually perfectly suited for Rose’s voice. Perhaps she should consider a trap venture…?

9. Mio – Back To You (ft. Lindestad)

If I told you that the person behind this track is the same person behind Tkay Maidza‘s Brontosaurus, you might have a hard time believing me. However, such is the beauty of alter egos and side projects, a single person can make a huge array of different sounds, all the while categorising them into different names. This is the story of Adelaide’s Mio, who has delivered a stunning and immersive tune with Back To You. Add to that mix the the vocals of Swede Erik Lindestad, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful little track indeed!

10. Stephane 1993Saffron Smoke

The perfect track to end our playlist and get your weekend well and truly started, this newcomer from Newcastle has just dropped this bad boy, and he dropped it through BoyNoize Records. If that wasn’t huge enough, he’s been played in Steve Aoki‘s live sets, and is won the Maitland Groovin’ The Moo Triple J Unearthed comp. Having just one listen to Saffron Smoke will explain all of the above accolades, with his hip hop and ghetto infused techno undoubtedly taking him places!