Video Roundup!

Every week we bring you a list our favourite new video clips – and this week’s are pretty damn cool.

Wet: Deadwater

Brooklyn-based trio (who we photographed earlier this year) Wet have released the first video clip of their forthcoming album, Don’t You, and it is absolutely beautiful. Featuring lead singer Kelly Zutrau walking around the streets of Peekskill, New York, the clip evokes feelings of longing, hope and nostalgia simultaneously.

And if you’re not digging the sweet, soulful track or the beautiful cinematography, its worth watching just for the adorable kitten at 0:38 seconds in. It’s just so small!

FFS: Johnny Delusional

When Franz Ferdinand and Sparks decided to collaborate we knew we were in for a treat. And their lead single, Johnny Delusional for their forthcoming self-titled album doesn’t disappoint. It’s pretty hilarious.

The music video is actually incredibly clever. Directed by France’s acclaimed AB/CD/CD collective, the film uses a camera loop to make it seem like the scene is going around in circles. Different repetitions of the same three characters sitting on chairs become slowly more unconventional and elaborate.

JP Klipspringer: Watch the River

After the release of his EP Drip Dry, Melbourne singer-songwriter Jack Poulson moved to Portland, Oregon. He fell in love with the city immediately, and in a spur of creativity, hid himself away to work on new material. What he created was beautiful.

The Watch the River music video alternates between shots of Klipspringer singing and the leafy streets of Portland.

Mary Epworth: Long Gone

It’s not everyday that you come across an artist like Mary Epworth. With a passion for nature and a big head of fluffy hair, her music is warm, genuine and incredibly uplifting.

The music video for Long Gone incorporates all of these things. It is simple enough, featuring Epworth alone in a field, but somehow works with the gradual build of the song to culminate in an explosion of pure joy. Epworth is unique and incredibly talented, she also just makes me smile.

The Mountain Goats: The Legend of Chavo Cuerrero

The Mountain Goats are no newbies to the music scene, with 15 albums to their name, so we can only assume that that’s why they feel so comfortable having a bit of fun with their music these days. The Legend of Chavo Cuerrero features Chavo himself saving lead singer John Darnielle from an epic beatdown.

The song itself is hilarious, and the video has this wonderfully old-school, shitty television quality to it, emphasising the idea that Chavo has been a hero of Darnielle’s right from the early days.