Video Roundup!

Aquilo – Calling Me

With an EP out this week, atmospheric pop duo Aquilo have released their video for their latest single of the same name – Calling Me. It’s a stirring song with an appropriately heart-warming video. Channelling a boy who is harassed for his love of ballet, he gets back at the bullies by dancing in front of them. Interesting tactic – not sure how it would fare in real life – but it’s a brilliant video with a great aesthetic and some fantastic shots.

Husky – Drunk

Before heading off to Europe with a new album coming out, Husky has dropped their new video, which unsurprisingly is about alcohol. Quite simply, it’s a pretty wacky video, with wine, grapes and plates flying all over the place thanks to some heavy CGI – and even ends with a table turning into a waterfall. Possibly needs to be seen to be believed. Plus it’s a brilliant little indie tune as well.

Moses Gunn Collective – Back Into the Womb

I wonder whether Moses Gunn Collective came up with the concept for Back Into the Womb just so they could walk through an enormous fabric vagina? In any case, once they do enter it’s quite the party – with a mountain of glitter, streamers and even aluminium foil for their guitars. It fits the psychedelic song well, and unfortunately you’re guaranteed to have the line ‘back into the womb’ stuck in your head all day, and to be honest I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s the lead single for their upcoming album Mercy Mountain.

Urban Cone – Come Back to Me

Urban Cone is back with an infectious single featuring fellow Swede Tove Lo. The video clip will make you physically yearn for summer again, with the boys heading around some spectacular beaches and towns armed with a selfie stick. While it does horrifyingly somewhat remind me of a certain One Direction song on the beach, it gets away with it with some stunning visuals.

Gengahr – Heroine

With a debut album set for release, Gengahr have released a curious little video for their latest single. Following a young man running to meet his ‘heroine’, it shows all of the camera shy band members for the first time together in a video. Channelling Sleeping Beauty, he runs to meet her unconscious body to kiss her – but not in a creepy way.

DMA’s – Laced

It’s been a very long time coming, but roughly a year after releasing the single Laced, the DMA’s finally have made an accompanying video. It’s worth the wait though. It’s an explosion of colourful fun featuring dinosaurs, eyeballs and a lot more wacky stuff going on. With the amount of seemingly unrelated symbols, I feel like I should analyse it for high school English. Even if you don’t like the video, its an excuse to listen to a killer song.