Tyler, the Creator says Odd Future is “No More”

It is a sad day for your inner rebellious teen skater. It would appear that today Tyler, the Creator has finally said goodbye to the Odd Future group, ending the presence of the rowdy group of teenagers who burst onto the scene, wreaking absolute havoc for fans, media, and the music industry in general. Their rambunctious antics and carefree attitude will never be forgotten.

Tweeting out to his fans early this morning, Tyler stated rather solemnly, “Although it is no more, those 7 letters are forever.” Those 7 letters are of course the moniker adopted by the group, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA). The news itself is not entirely surprising, as the group had long been drifting in a multitude of directions, with some of the members going to far greater success than they had with Odd Future.

As we saw from his latest album, Earl Sweatshirt is clearly focusing on a dark and depressing style of music; Frank Ocean has established himself as one of the most promising names in R&B (and reportedly has a new album out soon,) while groups such as MellowHype are heading in a different direction entirely. Of course Tyler himself has branched out into many a side project, recently dropping his third album, and seems heavily focused on the production aspect of music. There is simply too much going on individually for the group to exist anymore.

It’s time to pull up your multi-coloured odd socks, grab your skate deck littered with pictures of cats, and pay tribute to Odd Future one last time. Here are a few of my own personal favourite Tyler, The Creator/Odd Future moments to get you in the mood: