The 5 coolest new video clips!

LANKS – Settle Down

I’ve seen a lot of music videos that are ‘funny’, in the sense that you understand the humour but really you’re just sitting there watching in silence. This one isn’t that. Melbourne pop artists LANKS has released the visual accompaniment to his latest single Settle Down two days ago, and it is fucking funny.

The clip, which was filmed in two takes in the artist’s own dining room, features LANKS being fed breakfast by a pair of unrelated hands. The fact that he’s trying so hard to keep a stony expression gives it this wonderful sense of indifference and seriousness. On top of that the song is beautiful, featuring stunning vocal harmonies and simple, catchy instrumental layers.

Angus and Julia StoneFrom the Stalls

Angus and Julia Stone have released some excellent video clips in their time, but this film for their latest single From the Stalls has something really special about it.

The pair spent five days and nights being filmed in South Australia, catching the stunning natural landscape at sunrise and sunset. The film has a beautiful duality to it, alternating back and forth between light and dark, land and sea. The artists talked about wanting to capture the untamed wild both in the forest and the ocean at different times of day.

The pair have a lot coming up in the next few months, their worldwide tour is in action and they are set to play at Lollapalooza as well as the Governor’s Ball this summer.

Hanni El KhatibMelt Me

Melt Me is the third offering from Hanni El Khatib’s latest album Moonlight, and he has released a lovely music video to go with it. The clip is filmed entirely on the artist’s iPhone, but he was heavily influenced by French film director Simon Cahn, making sure that the final product was far from amateur.

Melt Me simply depicts the artist in a gaming room, surrounded by kids and adults playing various electronic games. The film is quite artfully composed, and it’s refreshing to have an unprofessional music video that isn’t recorded with some kind of retro camera or nostalgic aesthetic. The film isn’t trying to be quaint or sentimental, it is just depicting our generation using a device that we rely more than any other.

Hedge FundLook Who’s Back

Yesterday indie-rock band Hedge Fund premiered an awesome music video for their single Look Who’s Back. The clip features a man running on a treadmill, naked but for a pair of skin-coloured tighty-whities. It’s a mixture of funny and also very very disturbing.

The figure has white stripes down his back and a white-painted face, giving off a kind of creepy Joker vibe. We can see the strain on his face as he runs for dear life, fat jiggling around like nobody’s business. Look Who’s Back has a dark, tense energy, and the film captures that perfectly.

MontaigneA Cinematic Plea for an End

Montaigne’s latest video clip forA Cinematic Plea for an End was recorded live at her sold-out headline tour at Brighton up Bar. The film, which was produced by Masses Collective (Hungry Kids of Hungary, Ballpark Music) captures a moment of raw, intense emotion.

Montaigne begins the song with an incredibly beautiful vocal,  accompanied by a simple, paired-back soundtrack. The song builds in pace and complexity, becoming faster and more dynamic as it goes on. It really takes off at around 3 minutes in. Montaigne is on fire at the moment, having recently played at Groovin the Moo in Canberra as well as having supported Megan Washington and San Cisco. She’s definitely an artist to watch out for.