New compilation from TEEF Records, all profits to OXFAM’s Nepal relief fund

TEEF Records, sister label to excellent music blog Sound Doctrine, has just announced a compilation of never-before-heard songs from all sorts of home-grown talent – Imperium In Imperio (“Empire Within an Empire.) The best part? All the profit goes towards OXFAM’s Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.

These days it’s pretty usual that music gets released with a ‘pay what you want’ kind of deal. Bandcamp albums and EPs are so often released for free, but artists are always appreciative of anyone that might kick a few bucks their way if they can spare it. Giving an artist a few dollars to support their music is fantastic, but money that goes toward a cause like this is even better. Guaranteed warm and fuzzy feelings alllll day.

The 16 track compilation includes unreleased stuff from Collarbones, Setec, Planéte, GRRL PAL, Yon Yonson and a bunch of others – see below for the track listing.

Imperium in Imperio comes out on Monday, June 1. But if you’re as impatient as you should be, here’s a little taste of what’s to come: Adelaide producer-vocalist Lonelyspeck has released a short, sweet new track, Wring. A combination of swelling vocals and cool synths, it’s the perfect tease to the compilation, and something to get you through the rest of the week until it comes out.

Support homegrown music from a homegrown label, and kick a few dollars in if you can – it’ll help people that really need it. It’s a beautiful cause, and you get a tonne of gorgeous local music in the process.

Here’s the full track listing

1. St. South – Better Still (Prod. Yujen)
2. Leaks – About
3. Electric Sea Spider – Pot Plant
4. Lonelyspeck – Wring
5. Magnum Ego – Slow Release
6. Collarbones  – Never Giving Up
7. Setec – Where Will You Be
8. Planète – Diagonal
9. Spirit Faces – The End
10. Waterhouse – Song For A Prince In Exile Part 2 (Shisd Remix)
11. GRRL PAL – Amazon (Acoustic)
12. Yon Yonson – Figurine
13. Lupa J – Train
14. Hänn – Whale
15. Youmeyou –Take Him Alive (Yeo Remix)
16. Darcy Baylis – Ground Control