Taylor Swift Releases Video Clip, Kendrick Lamar Steals The Show

It’s been an incredibly good week for Taylor Swift. At this year’s Billboard Awards, she scooped up a solid eight awards, she released last year’s best pop album and to top it all off, has now put Hollywood to shame with her blockbuster video clip for her latest single Bad Blood.

While most artists do invest a lot of time into the production of a music video, one of this high quality hasn’t been seen since Kanye’s epic 30 minute Runaway film which was released in anticipation for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Taylor has amassed every A-Grade celebrity she could find, including; Selena Gomez, Lena Dunham and of course, Compton’s greatest export since N.W.A., Kendrick Lamar.

However despite the incredibly high production quality on the video clip, that’s not the thing we’re most excited about. No, that would be the fact that Kendrick Lamar has continue his run of musical gold and released a sensationally awesome remix of Swifty’s latest single. While hardcore Kendrick fans may dismiss this concept as ‘selling out’, we can assure you its not. While the beat may have been geared towards the Top 40 spectrum, Kendrick’s poetic ability continues to shine through, with him even referencing some of his earlier material. If you don’t believe us, check out both the music video and Kendrick‘s version below.