Robyn reveals new musical project

On the 20th anniversary of the release of her debut album, Robyn has revealed a surprise for us: while she’s not busy organising festivals for women in technology, Robyn has been working on a new project known as La Bagatelle Magique. No, she’s not releasing a new album. That would have been our first guess after we heard she had been working on some new music “with different producers”. 

So what exactly is the project then? Apparently, she’s starting a new band with her keyboardist Markus Jägerstedt. Robyn’s late producer Christian Falk is credited as a posthumous member, following his death from pancreatic cancer last year. They will be releasing all new music following their debut at Stockholm’s Dans Dakar music festival this August.

At the moment, there’s just a website for you to explore. But, I have you warn you if you want to secretly visit the site at work, make sure you’re computer’s sound is off. You will be welcomed by a sneak peak of what you can expect.