Record Store Day is set to become a weekly event

Hey vinyl fans, Tuesday may soon be your favourite day of the week. After last year’s 50% rise in vinyl purchases and the success of Record Store Day, independent retailers are interested in making the event a weekly thing. Every Tuesday will be known as ‘Vinyl Tuesday’, where exclusive offers and discounts will be available for fans everywhere.

The American Association of Independent Music says there will be five types of Vinyl Tuesdays. These include “catalog releases, commercial and promotional releases, releases made specifically for the Record Store Day indie community, vinyl editions of albums that were previously released on CD and digitally, and exclusive vinyl releases that drop before their digital editions.”

Indie retailers are running with this idea with the goal “to maintain and grow physical retail while giving music fans more compelling reasons to support this important part of the music business community.”

There is no launch date yet or guarantee that this will be an international initiative, but it’s still early days.

What do we think? Will this cause Record Store Day to lose its hype, or will it be stronger than ever?

Watch the Foo Fighters’ intimate performance at this year’s Record Store Day: