Ratatat drop mysterious ‘Intro’ video

Life is just better when Ratatat are making music. From their surprise track dropping last month, Covered In Chrome, as well as their spectacular Coachella performance (which I watched from the comfort of my couch because #thefuture), they have certainly spiked our intrigue and anticipation in the hope for another album to make love to our ear drums.

Well, now they’ve gone and made it just that little bit more confusing but also is it a little bit more confirmed? A new video has surfaced titled Intro, and sees the duo eating oranges, playing piano and wearing suits in France. Of course, those goosebump-inducing guitars come in to make you melt as well (or is that just me?) Either way, the clip ends with the word “Magnifique” – is this their new album title? Is it just them describing the minute long video, which would be an apt description? So many questions, so few answers. All we know is, they’re up to something – and we can’t wait to hear what it is!