Pusha T

Pusha T wants to deliver you “God Level” music

It is not often we see artists themselves taking to fan forums to set the record straight. Pusha T has delivered a message of biblical proportions (literally) to fans on the hip hop forum Kanyetothe, the go-to destination for any Kanye fan. Addressing the recent leak of a track called All American, Pusha felt the need to keep the fans, or as he puts it “precious disciples”, informed about the direction that he will be taking for his upcoming project.

“This leaked snippet, All American, has nothing to do with the masterpiece King Push…I’m only delivering “God Level” material to my beloved children.” It would seem that Pusha has been spending a little bit too much time around Kanye West, as these religious references get even weirder as the post continues. “Only organic nourishment for my children, you all shall soon feast”. Should we be worried that King Push could have it’s title changed to something a little more holy, perhaps, The one true embodiment of Christ, Push? At this stage I would not be surprised, especially considering there is an album out there entitled Yeezus. It will be interesting to see if Pusha continues to echo the sounds we have been hearing on recent tracks such as Lunch Money.

It is rather strange for an artist to go to such lengths to tell us that a snippet is not included on the final project; perhaps the direction and sound of the album is drastically different to what we have been hearing so far. Signing off on his message, Pusha urges fans to “Be patient, I know many of your idols have let you down, I have not! Be blessed…”

Praise be to Pusha. You can find the original post here.