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PLAYLIST: The best new songs of the week

We’ve got a smooth playlist for you today, the perfect way to kick off the weekend. From sultry electronica to lo-fi indie, sit back, relax and enjoy the best new songs this week.

Alice Ivy, Mean Man’s Bite ft Chloe Beckwith

Step back into a land of day’s past, where glitter, funk and soulful vocals are the hottest thing in town. Melbourne’s Alice Ivy has released this gorgeous new track and it is packed with serious groove. With a light, bluesy voice playfully dancing around guitar licks and a wicked bass line, this track is sure to get you moving.

Club Cheval, From the Basement to the Roof (Oliver remix)

French electro quartet Club Cheval have received the remix treatment from Oliver, and the end result is a tantalising, thumping club-ready track. A catchy, airy vocal loop leads the way, while rich synths splash all sorts of colour into the soundscape. This is really cool, and an interesting interpretation of the heady original.

Chance the Rapper, Jeremih (Planes remix)

Sparse vocals and a distant beat create an instantly cool, intimate atmosphere in what has got to be one of the best remixes around right now. The melody is absolutely beautiful, and as the accompanying synths begin to grow, the rhythm just envelops you. You can really listen to this track on repeat and discover something new each time.

Upskirts, Nothing Happens in Roseville

This is a cruisey, nostalgic track filled with washed-out guitars and atmospheric chords. The vocal melody is warm and hazy, and it really opens up when the huge chorus kicks in. Upskirts are making music of a style that’s hardly groundbreaking, but they’ve injected an impressively fresh sound that really sets them apart from the pack.

Avec Sans, Resonate

London-based duo Avec Sans have released this incredible, uplifting track and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head all week. Like a breath of fresh air, the breathy melody soars up above the shimmering electro-pop synth layers. This song feels like a breath of fresh air. My favourite for the week.

Leisure, Got it Bad

New Zealand’s Leisure have released new track Got It Bad, and it just evokes all kinds of good feels. The atmosphere is seductive and smoky, with a sensual trip-hop vibe, not unlike Glass Animals, coupled with sultry vocals that hint at a Tame Impala influence. The wonderful rhythm is laid back and so smooth, embellished to perfection by chunky chords and sublime harmonies.

Solar Heist, Wait For Love

Opening on demanding piano chords, this funky, disco-inspired track grows bigger and bigger with each phrase. I really love the vocal melody, and when that ridiculously crunchy bass kicks in, the whole soundscape just pieces together to create something really catchy and really strong. The twangy guitars are a great contrast to the synth layers, creating a vibe that’s organic and just so captivating.


MNDR & Sweet Valley, Dance 4 A Dollar (Alt mix)

Another track with a LOT going on, everywhere you look and listen. From the psychedelic, echoey vocals to the experimental synth bleeps and bloops and the subtle beat beneath it all, this track waxes and wanes endlessly between sparse obscurity and gorgeous rhythms. Unique, strange and utterly fascinating, this track just oozes cool from every pore.

Colornoise, Amalie

Colornoise’s new track has serious swagger and seductive temperament. Channeling Siouxsie Sioux in the rich melody and deep bass, the verses contrast with the huge, soaring chorus in a way that has me really mesmerised. Bluesy, powerful and really original, I’m really looking forward to hearing Colornoise’s forthcoming EP, due out later this year.

Last Dinosaurs, Evie

Last Dinosaurs are back, and they’ve got a bright, funk-filled to track for you. A dance-floor ready track that’s so catchy you can’t help but love it, this will undoubtedly translate to the live stage with perfection. And that’s great news, considering the band have just announced a national tour on top of their Splendour in the Grass appearance in July.