PC Music releases surprise compilation

Label and collective PC Music went and did a Beyonce/Drake/everyone and dropped a surprise release last week, and although it might not have shocked as many people as their predecessors did, the results are still pretty great.

PC Music Volume 1 is a compilation of the crew’s biggest songs over the past 12 months, and features tracks from leader A.G. Cook, as well as Hannah Diamond, Danny L Harle and more. Interestingly, perhaps their two biggest tracks from their two most successful stars, Sophie‘s Lemonade or Hard and QT‘s Hey QT do not appear on the track listing, but if their previous behaviour is anything to by, PC Music do things their own way.

The collective first came to light last year, and have since hosted various shows, including a Boiler Room set and a SXSW showcase. Sophie and QT also headed to Australia last year. Speculation has been rife in the music community as to what PC Music are actually about, with many digging deep into the way they portray consumerism in modern times, as well as how people have changed the way we listen to music. Their at times brash and in your face electro, all hyper-active and sugar coated, took the music world by surprise, and I think it’s fair to say a lot of us are still trying to figure out what they’re about.

You can get PC Music Volume 1 on iTunes and Spotify now, and if you’re unfamiliar with the collective, you can get up to date with Pitchfork‘s “User’s Manual”.

PC Music Volume 1:

01 Hannah Diamond: “Every Night”
02 A. G. Cook: “Beautiful”
04 Danny L Harle: “In My Dreams”
05 Hannah Diamond: “Attachment”
06 Lipgloss Twins: “Wannabe”
07 Thy Slaugher: “Bronze”
08 A. G. Cook: “Keri Baby”
09 GFOTY: “Don’t Wanna/Let’s Do It”
10 easyFun: “Laplander”