Our Top Tracks of This Week

Friday afternoon! You know what that means – we have selected the best of the best new tracks released this week for your aural pleasure. Whether it’s afternoon wind downs, Friday night turn-ups or just plain old dancing in your room, we have definitely got you covered with our top tracks!

Big White – You Know I Love You

Big White are the first local band to be signed to Caroline Australia, and after hearing this track this news really comes as no surprise. Intricate guitar melodies, dramatic and attention grabbing vocals and just enough jangly beats to keep that head swaying, this track is made for after work beers in the sun. Thank you very much, Big White!

Loon Lake – Just Now

This track was apparently written in 2 hours, which is a testament to Loon Lake’s song writing ability. I’ve heard tracks made over months that don’t sound as rad as this! Good old rock’n’roll, this is thrashy, passionate and heaps of fun – the perfect song to mark the band’s return to the scene. A very welcome return indeed, Just Now is hopefully indicative of very good things to come!

JATA – Drowning In Your Arms

“Keep me up because sleep is the cousin of death” is a lyric I can relate all to well with in JATA’s new track Drowning In Your Arms. Beautiful lyricism, plunging synths and impassioned choruses, huge production and cinematic organ bass drops – this track is one that sticks with you from first listen, and the second, and the third…

I’lls – Let Me Have Just One

I’lls are outstanding, and with each release this reputation is just further cemented. The Melbourne trio work so well together, if they ever stopped doing so it would probably be regarded as a national loss. The three are as on point as ever with this latest track, with Lam delivering the heart wrenching chorus of “Don’t fuck around, the thoughts become profound” above a bed of swelling synths, erratic beats and scattered samples. Intricate, meticulous and just plain stunning.

Motez – One 2

Motez continues his domination in the land of house music with this latest track – the next release off his forthcoming Vancouver EP. One 2 can be aptly described as a “total fucking jam” the way it rises and falls, plunging into the depths with it’s huge bass versus the sky high synth swells. Also that vocal sample is a lot of fun, and you just know this is going to be a ripper on any dance floor. I’m proclaiming this to be the Year of Motez.

Antony & Cleopatra – Take Me

Somehow drawing on the past but twisting it into a futuristic style, Antony & Cleopatra have a lot going on, and a lot to love with their new track Take Me. This track actually came out last week, and somehow slipped through the cracks at H&E HQ. However, we can make a little exception, based on how good the song is. Just try not getting down to this one! I dare you.

Slumberjack – Body Cry (Trumpdisco Remix)

Slumberjack released their self-titled EP late last year, comprised of heavy trap beats and surprising textures, making them one of the most exciting acts to emerge in the electronic scene. One of my favourite tracks on that EP was their song Body Cry, which was conveniently remixed this week by Trumpdisco as part of their Remix EP release. I haven’t heard the Perth duo sound quite like this before, but the addition of Trumpdisco’s touches sure makes for a fantastic rework!

Jinja Safari – Find My Way

Finally new Jinja Safari in my ears! Being a long term fan of these guys (Peter Pan anyone?), hearing the news that there is indeed a new track from my favourite sitar playing, pan-piping band made me one happy lady. Songs don’t get much more fun than this, jam packed with feel good vibes and Marcus Azon‘s infectious vocals – definitely one to warm up these colder months!

Baio – Brainwash yyrr Face

Chris Baio is the bassist of Vampire Weekend, but he also makes REALLY good dance music. Brainwash yyrr Face is the first track from his forthcoming album The Names (he’s already released a couple of EPs as well) and is one of the best tracks I’ve heard in quite a while. Unpredictable, fresh and totally unique, Brainwash yyrr Face has been on repeat for the past two days, and is a very exciting first taste from his new album. This track also wasn’t on SoundCloud, so here’s the YouTube version: