tyler, frank and earl (and tom)

Wait, Odd Future isn’t over after all…

Tyler, the Creator sparked a frenzy on twitter yesterday when he started reminiscing about OFWGKTA. In just 140 characters, he made us all think that the beloved group, which counts Earl Sweatshirt and Frank Ocean as members, is “no more.”

He had Odd Future fans in despair with this mildly cryptic tweet that he failed to explain:

However, Tyler clearly didn’t realise the storm he’d created regarding the future of his collective and was quick to downplay his tweets as just a bit of sentimentality:

Yet things took another unexpected turn when Tyler’s one time partner in crime, Earl Sweatshirt weighed in:

Although it isn’t necessarily clear whether Tyler is claiming the group to be finished together, or more reflecting on the group drifting apart, Earl’s comments make it look unlikely that Odd Future are planning anything soon. Whilst Tyler just sneakily dropped Cherry Bomb via Odd Future Records, it is his first release not to feature any of the Odd Future crew. Earl’s similarly surprising launch of I Don’t Like Shit I Don’t Go Outside was released by Columbia and, like Cherry Bomb, does not have any collaborations with the group. Frank Ocean has revealed that Tyler has worked on his new album, which is set to release in July. Whatever the case may be, with three albums out this year by the integral group members, we can at least be thankful that Odd Future’s influence still lingers on.