New Vince Staples sounds pretty different to old Vince Staples…

One of Long Beach’s brightest rising stars, Vince Staples, has broken his silence with a brand new track Senorita, and it’s a little different from what you might expect.

The track kicks off with bright, ominous piano chords – but the calm doesn’t last long. Staples’ aggressive flow spits out with unrestrained iciness. The deep bass gives it a nice little kick, but Staples’ rhymes really demand the spotlight, the whole way through this track.

Last year, Staples released a seven-track, 25 minute long EP. It was short and not so sweet, and showed the world that Staples is one to watch.

This is the first we’ve heard from him in a little while. While the subject matter is less intense and less confrontational than his dark, quite politically-charged EP, the beats are still vicious and his racy rhymes are engaging as ever. Produced by Christian Rich, the trappy beats are certainly headier than what we’ve heard before – some people won’t dig it as much, but I’m a sucker for a bit o’ dirty trap, so I’m diggin’ it. I’m really interested in seeing what direction he’ll be taking with future releases. His debut album Summertime has been announced, but no release date has yet been revealed.