New Mac DeMarco, ‘The Way You’d Love Her’

The absolute angel that is Mac DeMarco has just released a new song The Way You’d Love Her, set to appear on his 8-song mini LP, Another One, due for release on August 7th.

This is another classic stoner love song from DeMarco. Featuring jazzy guitar and bluesy melodies, it is a continuation of the same vibe we saw in Salad Days. DeMarco’s style has been described as ‘slacker rock’ and this song fits perfectly within that sort of pseudo-genre. As always DeMarco plays all of the instruments himself, and has recorded the LP in his home studio. If you want to see how this was done, and I’m sure you do, you can watch the ‘making of’ video, here.

If you love Mac DeMarco as much as I love Mac DeMarco, then you will love this song, because it’s classic Mac DeMarco. (Sorry for saying Mac DeMarco so many times).

Another One Tracklist

  1. “The Way You’d Love Her”
    2. “Another One”
    3. “No Other Heart”
    4. “Just To Put Me Down”
    5. “A Heart Like Hers”
    6. “I’ve Been Waiting For Her”
    7. “Without Me”
    8. “My House By The Water”